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UMEMARO 3D is a 3D hentai dojin circle, the work of (primarily) one man, known only as UMEMARO. He maintains an official website and a blog documenting his production, and his work may be purchased at DMM; English translations for several releases are available through DLsite. Additionally, UMEMARO runs a LINE stamp store, and a PIXTA storefront for non-erotic illustrations.

The Wiki

The UMEMARO 3D Wiki aims to be the leading resource on works by the 3D hentai dojin circle UMEMARO 3D. First formed on Wikia, the wiki was rebooted on Wikispaces in June 2014, moved to Referata in December 2014, and moved to Miraheze in August 2017. Before editing, please consult the Editing Guidelines.

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Wiki News

  • Following the release of Mari's Sexual Circumstances, the wiki is slightly out of date. Please bear with us while we work to update the appropriate pages.
  • Because of UMEMARO's migration of his blog to a new platform, every single blog link on the wiki is currently broken. We're mulling over options for fixing this, and will figure out something soon.

Featured Article

Shoko Sugimoto is a major character in the UMEMARO 3D canon, the unofficial mascot of the circle and easily the most popular of all UMEMARO 3D characters. First appearing as one of two female characters in Lewd Consultation Room, Shoko immediately captivated a wide audience, with her exotic looks and sensual, erotic personality being a far cry from previous UMEMARO 3D protagonists. Shoko always demonstrates a great degree of control over herself and her partner, easily taking command, while also allowing herself to be controlled by others when she wants it. Shoko is a character of great status in the canon, with her medical talents being the catalyst for many of her scenarios. Her role in the OMEGA saga was surprisingly small, but her potential importance to the canon resulted in Shoko being eliminated from the picture by Mimi Minami in Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment. A character beloved by much of the UMEMARO 3D fanbase, Shoko has become the most prominent protagonist in the canon, leading no less than four separate releases, including The Chiropractor and Sexy Trainer Shoko Sugimoto. Once a fan favorite who did not appear nearly enough to satisfy demand, Shoko has become the cornerstone and primary breadwinner of UMEMARO 3D.
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